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Modern Internet culture is a quickly evolving beast, whose heart seems impossible to pinpoint but whose pulse is impossible not to feel, as it beats through the ol’ tubes and pipes, resonating with the world itself. And while no one seems able to put a finger on the heart of the beast, that hasn’t stopped us from trying. Enter Google’s Material Design concept philosophy.

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Material Template

The Material Template is a bold, robust, colorful phpFox Material Design theme, ideally suited for creative social network site. Material Template’s latest incarnation is a highly interactive, fresh looking theme, perfect for presenting very visual content to an attentive, discerning audience that appreciates a finished, professional look and feel to a social network site.

Webinar App

If you cherish to provide online seminars for giving knowledge to your audience, so this unique plugin undoubtedly for you! You can provide subscribers with webinars for free without paying other webinar services. This awesome plugin was made on the base of Hangout On Air, YouTube and Vimeo. You can share with files with your subscribers in the teachig process, for addition you can invite subscribers to the webinar, also ban subscribers to write obscene words.

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